Still sitting, yes


Every morning I get up, feed the cats, brush my teeth, and sit for 30 minutes. There is no debate, no argument, no deal-making. (That used to go on, but no more.) The exceptions are these: (1) If I have to catch a plane that’s leaving before 7 a.m., because then I’m just too anxious. (2) If I’m away on vacation.

I do sit when I am traveling on business (unless the plane exception arises). I did sit every morning while I was on a 10-day road trip for vacation last summer, but then I was really the master of my own departure time each day. Often when I’m away on vacation, there are other people involved and very early breakfast or departure times. That was the case earlier this summer. But my first morning back home, I told myself: Okay now, feed the cats, brush your teeth, and sit.

Sitting is neither good nor bad; it just is.

At some point I made a decision that sitting must be as necessary as brushing my teeth and feeding the cats.



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