You and your self


Sometimes you’ve just GOT to link to a post: Holy Crap is one of those posts. John Herberger wrote about how having a wide-open relationship with the self is as hard as (harder than) any two-person relationship you’ve ever worked on.

Because just as with any relationship we have that grows deeper, the relationship with the self as it opens, brings to the surface all the dark stuff, all the shit, all the obstacles — anxieties, triggers, the raw-ness, the mistrust that comes from being in love and getting closer.

Yes, peeling that onion is not all sweetness and light. I find it a bit scary, because I don’t know what’s under the next layer!

It’s good that we only need to go one layer at a time.



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  1. And, in response to your query on Ox Herding, that’s what Great Courage is all about.

    The mouse – our complete inner self, including all the obstacles and garbage. The cat – our way-seeking mind. But who wants to look deeply into the “next layer?” Really, who wants to do this? That’s why Great Courage is needed – so that we can hold our own feet to the fire.

  2. Hey Barry,

    What’s all this mouse stuff? Is that like a quarter is twenty five cents, and twenty five cents buys ice cream, then ice cream goes into the stomach. Ahhhh, good feeling.

    what a mystery.

  3. Thank you for sharing. That John’s post is really great. Everything is just as it is and shit can be truly beautiful! It’s all in our minds.

    Thank you!