Stuck in the jungle with my self


Sometimes I feel as if the Zen master is blasting roadblocks into my neural pathways and requiring me to cut a new track through the jungle.

I stand there like an idiot, my parang (machete) dangling from my hand. I have the proper tool. My parang is sharp from continual honing! But seeing the roadblock, I hesitate. I — I hesitate. My hand and the parang know exactly what to do. Start hacking that underbrush!

But the mind wants to analyze. The mind assesses all the 10 directions and tries to evaluate the best one. Thence comes confusion and indecision. Second-guessing. Doubt. Clouds obscure the clear, clear sky.

Only go straight!



3 responses

  1. Someone wiser than me (Sakyong Mipham) has a book called “Turning the Mind into an Ally.”

    One of my practices is to contemplate The Great Eastern Sun. Here, the East isn’t a geographical direction, but means “forward.” Whichever direction I face is East, and there before me is The Great Eastern Sun – our brilliant, true nature.