Why we sit


We sit only to sit. There is no goal. If you have a goal, you’re doing it wrong.

It’s a path, but without a destination. Without an end. It’s the path you’re already on.

Did you ever look forward to something ending? Well, was that something enjoyable, meaningful, beneficial? No? Hm. When we look forward to the ending, we are not experiencing what’s happening right now.

I would say sitting meditation has done me a lot of good — but not because I tried to get results. Sitting trains the mind to be different. And when the mind is different, many other things in your world become different too.


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2 responses

  1. Wonderful post, of course.

    The whole notion of sitting in order to attain some particular state (such as enlightenment) is rather goofy. If there is no persistent self, what is it that could attain a state in the future? Certainly not the self in *this* moment!