Not a koan, but …


Is time long? Or is time short?

These two questions came to me while I was sitting over the weekend. I had a really good time (heh) with them. Seriously, it was wonderful. I don’t want to spoil the fun for you by writing any more than that.



3 responses

  1. “Try,try,try for ten thousand years” (and then keep trying). What can you do but breathe when you realize there really is no rush?

    “Is time long or short?” Neither. Time is a human invention. Really there is no such thing as a moment….even that is a quantification, a structure for us humans to be able to function here. I like to think there is one long stretch of eternity, and that is it. That simple. We have cut it into pieces (hours, days, etc), to meet our needs.

    Great post. Thanks for the thought-provoking insights.