Continuing my practice


I need to take my practice off the cushion.

To some extent, this happens without any special effort on my part. I listen more to others now than I used to. I am (I think) more sensitive to others’ feelings. My feelings of anger last for shorter and shorter periods. I am less wrapped up in me.

But am I mindful in every moment? No. Not even close.

Moreover, I do not often do things that are solely for the benefit of others. Sure, I do things that are good for others, but a lot of these are just part of my job, or everyday things that I always did.

Don’t worry — I’m not creating new suffering over this. But it’s in my mind more and more.



5 responses

  1. I have heard it said that continuity is the secret to success. So off the cushion, with the intention of continuously, seems like a good thing. In the end that is why we practice, right. To live a realized life in every moment. Many blessings to you with your endeavor.
    Peace, Molly

  2. Learning to be the eye of the hurricane requires cushion time, but perhaps our greatest teacher is the wind and rain. -ss

    Here is a clip from something Michael Berg, of the Kabbalah Center, wrote: “…Spirituality, by the Kabbalistic definition, means facing chaos and transforming it into order. It means you walk into the eye of the hurricane and you turn it into a sunny day. That’s the definition of spiritual.

    The chaos of life is what gives us the opportunity. Our instinct is to run from chaos. When there is a mortgage crisis, global crisis, political crisis, environmental crisis, it’s an opportunity to be transformed into its opposite state. This transformation is not something that takes place externally, which is what the Opponent makes us think. Rather, it’s got to be transformed within our own consciousness.”