The up-and-down path


Sometimes our Dharma teacher sweeps his hand through the air in an up-down motion, as if he is tracing the shape of a mountain range. The practice goes like this, he says.

I’m feeling that way the last couple of days. Down in the valley now. My concentration is off. My attempts to focus my awareness are not going as well as I would like. Grrr …

Then our Dharma teacher repeats the motion, and we can see a slow, steady upward slant in the line. The later mountains are higher than the early mountains.

But it always gets better, he says. If you continue practicing, it gets better.



5 responses

  1. Nice. Very nice. And your photo looks like breaths over the mountains. I like what your teacher has to say. It is inspirational, and goodness knows we all need that from time to tome.

  2. It’s not so much about if it’s better or worse, but if you can just stay with it no matter where it goes, that’s the best practice. In this light, your practice will always be “good,” if you can ever call it that.