I function clearly in this universe


A few years ago, I bought this book: The Compass of Zen, by Zen Master Seung Sahn. I read it from beginning to end once. Then I read it from beginning to end again, with some long breaks in between. Then I dipped into it in random order, many times, over a period of a year or two. Now I’ve decided to read it from beginning to end another time.

Attaining my true self simply means that from moment to moment I keep a correct situation, correct relationship, and correct function in this world. I function clearly in this universe to save all beings. So getting enlightenment and teaching other beings are not two things, because when you return to your mind before thinking arises, at that point, everything completely becomes one (p. 18).

It’s rather amazing how different the book seems each time I re-read it. It’s like that old story about the flag blowing in the wind. Is the flag moving, or is the wind moving? Ah, it’s your mind that is moving.



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  1. The Compass of Zen is such a treasure-trove of teaching. Thanks for publishing this wonderful passage. Dae Soen Sa Nim used to say this all the time – and yet it’s still fresh and new!