Dogen’s spiritual masterpiece


Wow — a modern translation of the complete 1,144-page The Shōbōgenzō: The Treasure House of the Eye of the True Teaching, in a clean, easy-to-read PDF format, free for downloading (8.5 MB) from Urban Dharma.

… a phrase like ‘Your very mind is Buddha Itself ’ is as the moon within water, and … the import of ‘Sitting in meditation is itself becoming Buddha’ is as a reflection in a mirror. Do not get tangled up or taken in by a clever use of words. In order that you may now push on in your training to realize enlightenment in an instant, I show you the marvelous path which the Buddhas and Ancestors have directly Transmitted, and I do this that you may become a genuine follower of the Way (p. 9).

I may never need to buy another Zen book.



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  1. You might want to check original site also (publisher’s site), Shasta Abbey Monastery’s link where this online Shobogenzo is from:

    Hubert Nearman’s translation is very good although I haven’t read all chapters. I read Shobogenzo from books (translations by Francis Dojun Cook, Kaz Tanahashi, Gudo Nishijima/Mike Cross, Thomas Cleary etc.), but sometimes when I don’t have books with me, I’ll read some chapters from my mobile phone in a bus for example and then I’m using Nearman’s translation.

    I wrote about this in my old post

    Shasta Abbey’s and Nearman’s work is really great for all Buddhists. I think all new translations are always welcome.

    With palms together,