Only connect


Recently I was talking with a friend about a mutual acquaintance who doesn’t seem to connect very much with others. She’s very inward-focused. (You might say she’s selfish.) Later that day I came across a moving blog post by a singer-songwriter named Tam Lin. Here is a part of it:

I’ll be leaving here in a few days, but I know this doesn’t change the urgency of learning to connect with the world around me. Not “connect” in the sense of making friends or being liked, but in the sense of learning how to find beauty in what seems ugly and life in what seems dead. Every day I see more and more that this urgency doesn’t come from trying to be a saint and be good out of narcissistic pride; it comes from the fact that as the years pass on I see that there are more things I’ve left behind and fewer chances for having happiness just fall into my lap. So it’s time to get down close to the ground and study the place where I am.

Opening up to other people — it’s not always easy to do, but we have so little time, and so few opportunities. So, get down on your knees, if you’re lucky enough to find some sweet water in a footprint.



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