Those who are able to hear this Dharma


All the Buddhas
Appear in the worlds far away
And are difficult to meet.
Even if they appear in this world
It is difficult to hear their teaching.

Even in immeasurable, innumerable kalpas
It is difficult to hear this Dharma,
And those who are able to hear this Dharma
Are also hard to find.

They are just like the udumbara flower
Which appears only once in a very long while
And, beloved by all,
Is considered a wonder among devas and humans.

From the Lotus Sutra, tr. Kubo Tsugunari and Yuyama Akira (Numata Center for Buddhist Translation and Research, Berkeley, 1993, p. 49).

The person who took the photo above (IwateBuddy on wrote: “We call the lacewing eggs ‘udumbara flower.’ ” Green lacewings are insects about one inch long with four wings that have a lacy appearance. They lay their oblong eggs on the tips of threadlike stalks attached to plants.

According to the Buddhist scriptures, udumbara is an imaginary flower that only blossoms every 3,000 years when the King of Falun comes to the human world. According to the Fahua Text, a scripture that explains the Fahua Sutra, udumbara appear every three thousand years. Huilin Yinyi, a collection of Buddhist sutras, claims this heavenly flower is a sign of rare preciousness and a miracle.

From The Buddhist Channel.


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