Correct relationship, correct function


I’m back to sitting with Correct Situation, Correct Relationship, Correct Function. I don’t grok this yet. Intellectually, yes, I get the idea. But there’s still thinking involved. Thinking and not knowing. What I get, or think I get, is that one day I might understand at the heart level (not the head) what the Correct Situation is. And then, the Correct Relationship. And then, my own Correct Function.

We say if you meet a person who is hungry, give him food. If you meet a person who is thirsty, give her water. But sometimes when a person is hungry, food is not what he needs. Sometimes a person is thirsty, and water will not quench her thirst. We could make a big mistake, thinking we know what someone else needs or wants.

So, we can ask. “Are you hungry? Would you like a sandwich?” And if someone says yes, then we simply take him at his word. If she says no, then trust that “No” is all there is.

But sometimes I am inside a wall of safety, and I don’t want to ask the question. What is our relationship, right now? What is my function?



4 responses

  1. ocean never doubts. ocean has no wishes. ocean is never still. ocean is never moving.

    try being an ocean. once a sand grain told me that 🙂

    good luck.

  2. Important questions but I think that the answers aren’t so important. The most important thing is to ask and to doubt questions. I think that is correct practice.