7 practices to cultivate compassion


These seven practices are explained in detail at the popular “Zen Habits” blog, in a post from 2007:

  1. Morning ritual
  2. Empathy practice
  3. Commonalities practice
  4. Relief of suffering practice
  5. Act of kindness practice
  6. Those who mistreat us practice
  7. Evening routine

I especially like No. 7, in which we are advised to take time to reflect on the day and think about how we have treated other people. I’ve been thinking about adding a second meditation practice session in the evening, but maybe I will try this practice instead.



2 responses

  1. For me the difficulty is making a commitment strong enough allow any new practice structure to get ‘sticky’. Once you make the effort over a few months though, regular practice becomes more natural. But then you have to deal with the whole attachment thing when you cannot stick to your usual routine.
    I guess that’s why they call it practice.