Where is your mind today?


In March 2007, Thich Nhat Hanh made his second trip back to Vietnam, his home country, since leaving in 1966. According to a BBC report made at that time, the Zen master said:

“Today, people’s minds are on stocks and news headlines. They no longer have time to take care of themselves or their loved ones. And even though they have lots of money, they aren’t happy.

“I’ve met many millionaires. They’re not happy people.”



3 responses

  1. Of course, many non-millionaires are not too happy, either. They lack the time to care for themselves and those they love. They obsess about stocks and news headlines.

    Who is happy? What is happiness?


  2. Once a fellow Zen student said to me: “I used to think all the people with a good career and a good education and money were so much better off than I was. I used to think they couldn’t possibly have any problems because of all those things they had that I didn’t have.” And we both laughed and laughed.