Medical benefits of meditation


From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Oct. 18, 2008:

Zen Buddhist meditation may help treat depression, attention-deficit disorder and anxiety, among other maladies, according to a recent study by Emory University neuroscientists.

Quoted at The Buddhist Channel.

Here is the research article: “Thinking about Not-Thinking”: Neural Correlates of Conceptual Processing during Zen Meditation. PLoS ONE 3(9): e3083 doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0003083



2 responses

  1. According to psychologists, rumination–thinking obsessively about a negative thing–can be a source of suffering. It seems, from what I read in the article, that zen training can help to stop the ruminative mind. Cool beanz!

  2. “Ruminative” is such an interesting word … did you know it comes from Sanskrit? So this is attachment-mind, the mind that cannot let go of a thing. That is exactly the mind I want to change, to alter. I want to notice when my mind is stuck on an idea, chewing and chewing away, and not letting it go. I want to let go, let those ideas float away.